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17th Dec. 2015: Year-end party

Year-end-party_2015_1 Year-end-party_2015_2 Year-end-party_2015_3

5th Dec. 2015: 121th JPS Kyushu Meeting

JPS-Kyushu-2015_1 JPS-Kyushu-2015_2 JPS-Kyushu-2015_3

JPS-Kyushu-2015_4 JPS-Kyushu-2015_5 JPS-Kyushu-2015_6

26th Oct. 2015: Farewell party for Ms. Sady

Sady-san-farewell_1 Sady-san-farewell_2 Sady-san-farewell_3

Sady-san-farewell_4 Sady-san-farewell_5

8th Oct. 2015: Welcome party for Mr. Asam and Mr. Ishitaki

Asam-san_Ishitaki-kun_welcome_1 Asam-san_Ishitaki-kun_welcome_2 Asam-san_Ishitaki-kun_welcome_3

16th to 19th Sep. 2015: JPS 2015 Autumn Meeting

JPS2015Autumn_1 JPS2015Autumn_2 JPS2015Autumn_3

16th to 18th Sep. 2015: JIM 2015 Autumn Meeting


31th Aug. 2015: Prof. M. W. Wu has returned back to USTC.


19th Aug. 2015: Sady-san's Ph.D. defense

Sady-san-defence_1 Sady-san-defence_2

17th Aug. 2015: Farewell party for Prof. Wu

Wu-sensei-farewell_1 Wu-sensei-farewell_2 Wu-sensei-farewell_3

Wu-sensei-farewell_4 Wu-sensei-farewell_5

12th Aug. 2015: Reunion with former members in Ropponmatsu Campus and current members in Former Faculty of Engineering Building 3

Ropponmatsu-reunion_1 Ropponmatsu-reunion_2

10th Aug. 2015: Welcome party for Dr. Honda & Ms. Sun


14th July 2015: International Workshop ”Nano-Spin Sciences II”

Nano-Spin_SciencesII_1 Nano-Spin_SciencesII_2 Nano-Spin_SciencesII_3

Nano-Spin_SciencesII_4 Nano-Spin_SciencesII_5 Nano-Spin_SciencesII_6

Nano-Spin_SciencesII_7 Nano-Spin_SciencesII_8 Nano-Spin_SciencesII_9

Nano-Spin_SciencesII_10 Nano-Spin_SciencesII_11 Nano-Spin_SciencesII_12

5th to 10th July 2015: 20th International Conference on Magnetism, Barcelona

ICM_2015_1 ICM_2015_2 ICM_2015_3

ICM_2015_4 ICM_2015_5 ICM_2015_6

22th June 2015: Welcome Party for Prof. Kumar and Ms. Sarita

Kumar-sensei-welcome_1 Kumar-sensei-welcome_2


16th June 2015: Welcome Party for Prof. Wu

Wu-sensei-welcome_1 Wu-sensei-welcome_2

13th May 2015: Best Poster Award in IEEE INTERMAG 2015

Best-Poster-Award_INTERMAG-2015_1 Best-Poster-Award_INTERMAG-2015_2

Title:Excitations of Nonlinear Ferromagnetic Resonance and Standing Spin Wave using Inhomogeneous High-Power RF Magnetic Field
Authors:Yuki Yokotani, Kazuto Yamanoi, Satoshi Yakata, Takashi Kimura

11th to 15th May 2015: IEEE INTERMAG 2015, Beijing

Intermag2015_1 Intermag2015_2

Intermag2015_3 Intermag2015_4 Intermag2015_5

Intermag2015_6 Intermag2015_7 Intermag2015_8

Intermag2015_9 Intermag2015_10 Intermag2015_11

23th Apr. 2015: Welcome party for new B4s

B4-welcome_1 B4-welcome_2

21th to 24th Mar. 2015: JPS 2015 Annual Meeting

JPS2015Annual_1 JPS2015Annual_2 JPS2015Annual_3

JPS2015Annual_4 JPS2015Annual_5 JPS2015Annual_6

JPS2015Annual_9 JPS2015Annual_10 JPS2015Annual_11 JPS2015Annual_12

JPS2015Annual_7 JPS2015Annual_8

9th Mar. 2015: A social gathering

Konshinkai_2015_1 Konshinkai_2015_2

Konshinkai_2015_3 Konshinkai_2015_4
Emeritus Prof. Oomi and Takeda kindly attended.

26th Feb. 2015: Farewell party for Prof. Rhie

Rhie-sensei-farewell_1 Rhie-sensei-farewell_2 Rhie-sensei-farewell_3

Rhie-sensei-farewell_4 Rhie-sensei-farewell_5

18th to 19th Feb. 2015: International Workshop ”Nano-Spin Sciences” in Yobuko


29th Jan. 2015: Prof. Saitoh visited our lab.


16th Jan. 2015: Hu-san's Ph.D. defense, Celebrating party for Hu-san and farewell party for Prof. Kumar

Hu-san_defense_1 Hu-san_defense_2

Hu-san_celebrating_party_1 Hu-san_celebrating_party_2 Hu-san_celebrating_party_3

Hu-san_celebrating_party_4 Hu-san_celebrating_party_5 Hu-san_celebrating_party_6

6th Jan. 2015: Welcome party for Prof. Kumar

Kumar-san_wellcome-party_1 Kumar-san_wellcome-party_2

Kumar-san_wellcome-party_3 Kumar-san_wellcome-party_4

5th Jan. 2015: New Year's visit to Hakozaki shrine


26th Dec. 2014: Year-end party

year-end_2014_1 year-end_2014_2

year-end_2014_3 year-end_2014_4

6th Dec. 2014: 120th JPS Kyushu Meeting

JPS-Kyushu-2014_1 JPS-Kyushu-2014_8

JPS-Kyushu-2014_2 JPS-Kyushu-2014_3 JPS-Kyushu-2014_4

JPS-Kyushu-2014_5 JPS-Kyushu-2014_6 JPS-Kyushu-2014_7

11th to 13th Nov. 2014: Special lecture by Prof. G. E. W. Bauer

Bauer-sensei-lecture_1 Bauer-sensei-lecture_2

Bauer-sensei-lecture_3 Bauer-sensei-lecture_4

17th Oct. 2014: Award for Encouragement of Research in IUMRS-ICA2014


7th to 10th September, 2014: JPS 2014 Autumn Meeting

JPS2014Autumn_1    JPS2014Autumn_2 JPS2014Autumn_3

JPS2014Autumn_4    JPS2014Autumn_5

JPS2014Autumn_6    JPS2014Autumn_7

JPS2014Autumn_8    JPS2014Autumn_9


25th to 27th August, 2014: IUMRS-ICA2014

IUMRS-ICA2014_1      IUMRS-ICA2014_2



9th June, 2014: Farewell party for Shinya Yamada-san and Alexander-san

SYamada-Alexander-san-farewell_1 SYamada-Alexander-san-farewell_2


16th May, 2014: Curry party & Welcome party for Alexander-san

Curry-party2014_1 Curry-party2014_1

Curry-party2014_1 Curry-party2014_1

22th April, 2014: Welcome party for Imtiaz-san and new B4s

Imtiaz-san-B4-welcome_1 Imtiaz-san-B4-welcome_2

Imtiaz-san-B4-welcome_3 Imtiaz-san-B4-welcome_4

27th to 29th March, 2014: JPS 2014 Annual Meeting


JPS2014Annual_2 JPS2014Annual_3 JPS2014Annual_4

JPS2014Annual_5 JPS2014Annual_6

7th March, 2014: Welcome party for Hidegara-san and Yamanoi-san

B4-presentation-Hidegara-Yamanoi-san-welcome_1 B4-presentation-Hidegara-Yamanoi-san-welcome_2

B4-presentation-Hidegara-Yamanoi-san-welcome_3 B4-presentation-Hidegara-Yamanoi-san-welcome_4

27th February, 2014: Farewell party for Dang-san

Dang-san-farewell_1 Dang-san-farewell_2

Dang-san-farewell_3 Dang-san-farewell_4

3rd February, 2014: Visit of Dr. Tatara and Prof. Wu

Tatara-Wu-sensei-visit_1      Tatara-Wu-sensei-visit_2

Tatara-Wu-sensei-visit_3 Tatara-Wu-sensei-visit_4

27th December, 2013: Year-end party

year-end2013_1      year-end2013_2

year-end2013_3 year-end2013_4

20th November, 2013: Welcome party for Takaira-san

Takaira-san-welcome_1      Takaira-san-welcome_2

Takaira-san-welcome_3 Takaira-san-welcome_4

15th November, 2013: Visit from Kaya Kindergarten

Kaya-visit2013_1      Kaya-visit2013_2

Kaya-visit2013_3 Kaya-visit2013_4

Kaya-visit2013_5 Kaya-visit2013_6

23rd October, 2013: Visit from Chikushi-Chuo High School

ChikushiChuo-visit2013_1 ChikushiChuo-visit2013_2

ChikushiChuo-visit2013_3 ChikushiChuo-visit2013_4

ChikushiChuo-visit2013_5 ChikushiChuo-visit2013_6

4th October, 2013: Final day of Mu-san's stay

Mu-san-final_1 Mu-san-final_2 Mu-san-final_3

25th to 28th September, 2013: JPS 2013 Autumn Meeting

JPS2013Autumn_1 JPS2013Autumn_2 JPS2013Autumn_3

19th September, 2013: Farewell and Welcome party for Yakata-san, Mu-san, and Ohnishi-san

Yakata-Mu-san-farewell_1 Yakata-Mu-san-farewell_2

Yakata-Mu-san-farewell_3 Yakata-Mu-san-farewell_4

21st August, 2013: Farewell party for Bakaul-san

Bakaul-san-farewell_1 Bakaul-san-farewell_2

4th August, 2013: Open campus

open-campus2013_1 open-campus2013_2

3rd July, 2013: Beer party in summer

shoki-harai2013_1 shoki-harai2013_2

24th April, 2013: Farewell and Welcome party for Nakada-san and newcomers