Kyushu univ. Research Center for Quantum Nano-Spin Sciences

International Workshop ”Nano-Spin Sciences”

Scope & Objectives

Spintronics initiated by the discovery of the giant magneto resistance effect (GMR) has been considered as the core domain in the next generation nano-electronics. Especially, the Spin-RAM using the non-volatile spin functionality in the ferromagnet has entered the final stage of mass production and commercialization. Besides, microwave devices based on the fast-speed spin dynamic properties such as high frequency filters and spin torque oscillators are also another prospective applications. Moreover, the interplay between spin and heat also starts to create exciting research subjects from the view point of energy harvesting. Thus, numerous potential applications have been experimentally demonstrated and the related sciences are also developed rapidly under the concept of spin current “flow of spin angular momentum”.

In this International Workshop “Nano-Spin Sciences”, several novel phenomena related to spins in nanostructures including preliminary experimental results and theoretical prediction will be discussed. Based on the discussions with all of the participants not only from the field of spintronics but also from general solid state physics, we will understand the novel phenomena deeply and seek the subject for future joint research project.

Date : 18th & 19th Feb. 2015

Location : Yobuko Lodge in Karatsu Saga

Invited speakers : Kungwon Rhie (Korea Univ.), Dongseuk Kim (Korea Univ.), Byung Chan Lee (Inha Univ.), Gen Tatara (Riken), Yoshihiko Togawa (Osaka Prefecture Univ.), Akinobu Yamaguchi (Univ. of Hyogo), Masahiro Hara (Kumamoto Univ.), Takashi Manago (Fukuoka Univ.), Takuya Satoh (Kyushu Univ.), Yuji Inagaki (Kyushu Univ.), Yoshiaki Sato (Kyushu Univ.)

Organized by : Research Center for Quantum Nano-Spin Sciences,

In Cooperation with : JST CREST "Research of Innovative Material and Process for Creation of Next-generation Electronics Devices"
JSPS Joint Research Project (Japan & Korea)

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