Research Facilities

Clean Room & Yellow Room (Nanostructure Fabrication Room)

UHV Multi-cathode Sputtering System
Organic Material Evaporation System
Ion Beam Sputtering System
Multi-cathode Sputtering System
UHV Multi Evaporation System
SiO2 Sputtering System
SiO2 Evaporation System
Reactive sputtering System
Mask Aligner
Reactive Ion Etching System
Plasma Asher
Arc Furnace

201 Laboratory (EBL&SEM Room)

Electron Beam Lithography System
Electron Beam Lithography System
Scanning Electron Microscope
Scanning Electron Microscope
※Shared with Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Information Electronics Course, Kyushu University

301 Laboratory (Electromagnetic Measurements Room)

Magnetic Resistance Measurement System (Temperature range: Liquid Nitrogen temperature to Room temperature)
RF Prober
Annealing System
Ultrasonic Wedge Bonder

303 lab. (Nanostructure Fabrication and Electromagnetic Measurements Room)

Multi-cathode Sputtering System
Cu Evaporation System
Thickness Gauge
Surface Profiler Measurement System
Ultrasonic Wedge Bonder

Low Temperature Center 104 lab.(Electromagnetic Measurements Room)

Magnetic Resistance Measurement System
(Temperature range: Liquid Helium temperature to Room temperature)
Environmental Scanning Probe Microscope